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Kentucky Board of Registration for Professional Geologists

Board of Registration for Professional Geologists
Kentucky Revised Statutes

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KRS 322A.010 Definitions for chapter.
KRS 322A.020 Board of Registration for Professional Geologists -- Membership -- Removal and filling of vacancies -- Officers -- Compensation of members.
KRS 322A.030 Meetings -- Duties and powers -- Roster of registered professional geologists -- Code of professional conduct.
KRS 322A.040 Requirements for registration.
KRS 322A.045 Qualifications for geologist-in-training.
KRS 322A.050 Application fees -- Disposition -- Surety bond.
KRS 322A.060 Renewal of certificates -- Suspension and revocation for nonpayment of renewal fees.
KRS 322A.070 Certificates of registration -- Use of seal or stamp by registrant.
KRS 322A.080 Exemptions from registration requirements.
KRS 322A.090 Prohibitions relating to practice of geology by person who is not a registered geologist.
KRS 322A.100 Grounds for suspension or other action by board.
KRS 322A.990 Penalties.